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Webinar: Opportunities and Challenges for Building a Circular Fashion Industry

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The global fashion industry generates around 92 million tons of waste each year. How can we, as consumers, help alleviate this problem? The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) team decided to take a deeper dive into the development of sustainable fashion in Indonesia. In partnership with Torajamelo, Asia Pacific Rayon, Setali Indonesia, and Wardrobe & Storie, a webinar on the Opportunities and Challenges for Building a Circular Fashion Industry in Indonesia was held on December 14, 2021. 91 participants attended the event.

Susan Johanna Slabert from Asia Pacific Rayon explained about their production of viscose rayon, and how it is able to biodegrade in 21 days. Indita Karina from Setali Indonesia shared about their upcycling initiatives: how they were able to prolong the lifetime of clothing items through creating upcycled goods, secondhand sale, clothes alteration, and workshops. Sylvia Santosa from Wardrobe & Storie talked about their use of organic cotton, leftover fabric, and recycled PET bottle flakes. A special appreciation to the webinar co-host Torajamelo, a social enterprise working with 10 women-led weaving communities in Sulawesi and NTT, that produces slow ethical fashion products. For brands and consumers alike, these initiatives are part of Indonesia’s response towards shifting into a more circular fashion industry.

A big thank you to Torajamelo, the three speakers, and participants, for taking part in this important discussion. We look forward to more initiatives for a sustainable future in the fashion industry in Indonesia!

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