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Waste Community Accelerator Cohort 3: Marketing & Branding Workshop

The Waste Community Accelerator cohort 3 program is continuing with full force! Program participants were eager to participate in this workshop, as ‘Marketing & Branding’ was one of the most requested topics for a session.

The session was held on February 17, 2022, and was led by Emeraldo Faris, CEO of marketing agency Marka Digital. Emeraldo has extensive experiences working with growing startups in Indonesia.

He started with an interactive session, providing information about the basics of marketing and branding. Marketing is defined as various efforts to attract potential customers to ‘act’ and branding is defined as various efforts to build perception about your brand for the public.

He also gave an overview on how to create a brand from scratch, the nitty-gritty process of creating a brand research. Emeraldo informed that there are 17 questions that a team should reflect on during the creation process, which includes topics such as vision, mission, value proposition, competitors, values, and target audience.

To further explore their target audience, the participants participated in a buyer persona canvas training during the session. Each participant used an example of one customer they have, and brainstormed their interests, key conversion drivers, fears, and aspirations - and most importantly, what benefits the customer if they buy or use their service.

The last session was about brand positioning and how to make them stand out amongst competitors. Emeraldo provided abundant tips on brand visuals, and communication style & interaction.

Participants concluded the session with specific questions needed to improve their own marketing & branding strategy. We would like to extend our appreciation to Emeraldo for the comprehensive and insightful session. Thank you Estu Jaya Waste Bank, Larahan Makmur Waste Bank, Makmur Sejati Waste Bank, Jubung Waste Bank, Berdikari Plastik Sentosa, Common Seas, Go Forward, and iLitterless, for actively participating in the workshop. See you in the next session!

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