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Waste Community Accelerator Cohort 3: Fundraising Workshop

Monthly workshops for the Waste Community Accelerator cohort 3 program are ongoing! For the third workshop that was held on March 25, 2022, participants were able to learn more about funding, a crucial aspect for their company's financial sustainability.

The workshop was conducted by trainer Irma Sitompul, Programs & Curriculum Director of Pratisara Bumi Foundation (Usaha Lestari), an ecosystem builder for sustainable businesses.

Irma began the workshop by conducting a poll to find out about the participant’s funding experiences. According to the poll, the majority of participants understood the purpose of fundraising, and most have funding strategies. Irma then continued to explain the different types of funding and how to identify funding needs.

Along with informing various case studies on funding successes, Irma also assisted participants in identifying the type of funding they need based on their business stage. To set funding targets, participants underwent a variety of planning exercises to identify their business needs, list funding opportunities, evaluate potential success, and create a timeline. Participants actively shared their opinions and questions regarding their business funding needs.

The OPPA team is grateful for Irma's contribution and knowledge, and it was delightful to see our cohort 3 program participants: Common Seas, Bank Sampah Makmur Sejati, Bank Sampah Estu Jaya, Bank Sampah Larahan Makmur, TPS Bringin Bendo, Go Forward, Bank Sampah Jubung, and iLitterless.

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