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Waste Community Accelerator Celebrates Cohort Graduation

Last August, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator team was delighted to celebrate the graduation of Waste Community Accelerator’s third cohort - marking the end of the eight-months long program. The accelerator program aims to improve and strengthen the capacities of waste management and recycling businesses in East Java.

The cohort came together to reflect on the journey of the program and convened ideas for the future. Discussions include ways to implement the learnings they received from the program, business & network expansion plans, and how to strengthen the connection amongst the cohort.

Waste Community Accelerator Program Lead Renni Widya said, “It was wonderful to celebrate this milestone together. This was the largest cohort we have had, and we were impressed by their growth throughout the program. We are honored to have them as alumni of the program!”

Throughout the program, participants received tailored workshops and mentoring based on their needs, covering topics such as waste bank & financial management, fundraising, proposal writing, branding, marketing, sustainability reporting, legal, and contracting.

Commenting on the program, iLitterless Founder and Director Ence Adinda, said that “Our business was truly ‘accelerated’ after participating. This program provided us with useful insights, and the knowledge we received is proven to be useful for new organizations such as ours!” During the program, iLitterless managed to launch its first dropbox, the MOBI-RS, that is used to collect plastic waste, used cardboard boxes, and packaging of beauty products.

We extend our appreciation to the cohort for their commitment and hard work. We are excited to grow along with you!

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