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Surabaya Access Pad: Participants

We were impressed by how many innovators and businesses work on waste management and plastic pollution issues, and here we are with the five selected participants for Surabaya Access Pad 2019.


CLEAR RIVERS is a brand name of Recycled Island Foundation, a registered non-profit organization within the Netherlands. CLEAR RIVERS works at the retrieval of debris in rivers and river mouths, sustainable re-use of plastics, organizing clean ups, creating awareness and education. CLEAR RIVERS designed a passive floating system able to capture plastic litter carried by the river current. CLEAR RIVERS makes the circular approach a crucial element of its strategy, therefore the Litter Traps are almost entirely made from recycled plastic retrieved from the rivers. CLEAR RIVERS is currently developing different types of Litter Trap, where dimensions, capacity and costs change in order to be suitable for rivers and countries worldwide. Neither the installment of the Trap nor its operation will cause any harm to the environment. In fact, CLEAR RIVERS designed openings in order to create escape routes for fish, birds and other animals.


RecyGlo is a waste management, data analytics, and green tech company. We provide PAAS (Platform as a service) including SAAS (software as a service) for clients to analyze their supply chain transparency and sustainability reporting using SDG & carbon footprint, logistics platform using 3PL, educational LMS platform users to be able to adapt to our system and finally green technologies to empower recycling partners and communities. We have the rewarding and base of the pyramid financial inclusion platform using blockchain technology for B2C market.


Rekosistem is a zero waste management Start-Up that aims to realize the sustainable ecosystem. Rekosistem provides solutions that increase waste collection rates from the sources and prevent waste leakage in the environment. There are some programs have been launched such as biodigester as waste to energy, transfer your waste program, and waste pick-up with rewards. Currently, Rekosistem is also developing and piloting two new products for inorganic waste collection, The Waste Collection Apps and Smart Bin (ReBox). The Apps is intended to improve collection rate of inorganic waste from household to waste value chain and The Smart Bin (ReBox) is intended to collect plastic packaging waste in public spaces.


Each year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans, equivalent to five full trash bags along every inch of coastline worldwide. An estimated 60% of ocean plastics is a result of mismanaged waste from five Asian nations. We at Warden Machinery believe that via optimizing land-based plastic waste management we can curtail the waste leakage, quell reliance on the informal economy and increase plastic recycling by a stunning 30%. Our landfill management machine vision solution allows us to detect, classify, estimate volume and track changes of waste heaps, including construction debris, household or industrial plastic waste. We enable an entirely new level of waste management and prevention of plastic leakage into the world ocean, available as a tool to everyone. For this to work, one solely needs a civil drone with a regular camera. As simple and affordable as that.


Umincorp's mission is creating economic circularity by recycling mixed plastic streams up to 99% purity polymers with our innovative technologies. The Magnetic Density Separation (MDS) application makes use of specially designed magnets in combination with a unique water based process fluid to separate heterogeneous input flows on density levels of each individual plastic particle in one step. Rigid plastic particles flow through the density field, with light particles floating on the surface while heavier particles are suspended in the liquid below at different depths according to their density. The separation for the production of pure material fractions of equal densities is combined into one process by setting splitters in the right positions.

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