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OPPA Collaborates with the Surabaya Environmental Agency for Waste Bank Improvements

The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) selected Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest metropolitan city, as a starting point in 2019 to implement ecosystem building activities due to its plastic waste problem and existing presence of waste management stakeholders. In three years, OPPA expanded its reach beyond Surabaya to the wider province of East Java, convened a nation-wide network, and partnered with the World Economic Forum to hold an Innovation Challenge.

This year, OPPA returns to Surabaya to support the Surabaya Environmental Agency’s (DLH Surabaya) Climate Village Program (Proklim). Currently, DLH Surabaya is facilitating 15 community units throughout Surabaya so they can fulfill the requirements to be awarded for their climate change mitigation efforts. Local waste banks in each of those community units play a pivotal role in this government-run program. OPPA, in partnership with the Surabaya Central Waste Bank, supports the Proklim program by providing tailored capacity improvement to 15 chosen waste banks.

Meet the program participants:

  1. Bintang Mangrove Waste Bank

  2. Bunakem Waste Bank

  3. Mawar Waste Bank

  4. Citra Sumber Rejeki Waste Bank

  5. Blimbing Wuluh Waste Bank

  6. Genah Urip Waste Bank

  7. Berlian Waste Bank

  8. Pucuk Cantik Waste Bank

  9. Grasitu Waste Bank

  10. Gadiss Waste Bank

  11. Cintamu Waste Bank

  12. Rukmi Waste Bank

  13. Branjangan Waste Bank

  14. Ahong Waste Bank

  15. Sumber Danan Waste Bank

Based on the result of a needs assessment, program participants will be given workshops with topics ranging from strengthening waste bank management & operations, administrative reporting, financial management, fundraising, digital tools, public speaking, and waste sorting techniques. OPPA will also provide opportunities for the program participants to connect with waste management and recycling stakeholders in Indonesia.

Stay tuned for more updates from this six-months long program!

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