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Jubung Waste Bank Improves Knowledge on Waste Bank Systems and Management

A newly established waste bank in 2021, the Jubung Waste Bank was created due to concerns of mismanaged plastic waste and lack of waste processing facilities in Jubung Village, Jember Regency. They currently receive waste from eight surrounding community units. They sort the waste, and then sell them to the nearest central waste bank.

The Jubung Waste Bank joined the third cohort of the Waste Community Accelerator program to improve its operations and increase their customer base. During the assessment process, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) team identified their needs in expanding their waste bank management knowledge.

To facilitate this need, OPPA arranged a private consultation session between Jubung Waste Bank and WeHasta, an NGO that supports the establishment of waste banks. WeHasta provides capacity development support for new waste banks, such as training on waste sorting and types, business management, and connecting to potential customers.

As part of the private consultation session, two members from the Jubung Waste Bank team received the opportunity to visit WeHasta’s headquarters in Trawas, Mojokerto Regency. The two-day trip was packed with enriching training topics, including waste bank business and administrative system, organic waste composting and farming, and managing aggregators.

Jubung Waste Bank staff Devi Nur Indah Sari enthusiastically said that “This is the first time that we are learning about turning household waste into animal feedstock. Food waste can be given as animal feed to chickens and catfish, and we learned the step-by-step process on how to make it.”

After the training, Jubung Waste Bank will now implement waste-to-animal feedstock, organic composting, and more detailed waste sorting. “We feel very happy after the training! In addition to receiving new knowledge, we also got the chance to connect with incredible waste experts.”

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