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Innovator Spotlight: Surabaya Central Waste Bank


The Surabaya Central Waste Bank pursues to build and improve public awareness for waste management, especially to sort and process waste according to its type. They also want to contribute towards reducing waste to landfill in Surabaya and prevent waste pollution.


Besides consistently conducting waste management education activities for communities, the Surabaya Central Waste Bank also provides services such as: waste pick-up, waste trading, waste ‘saving’, waste donation, and waste consultation for organizations and institutions. To further encourage community involvement, active customers are also given special appreciation in the form of rewards and/or food packages. They are also partnering with the recycling industry to trade valuable waste feedstock.

To scale-up their business operations, the Surabaya Central Waste Bank also participated in the Waste Community Accelerator program as part of the first cohort.

Visiting Rejeki Zayyan to learn about single-use plastics

Through the Waste Community Accelerator program, they gained knowledge on finance, digital tools, business models, and branding & fundraising - various skills needed to improve their business management. They were also able to renovate a new warehouse that will be utilized for waste storage, leading to the increase of their waste management capacities. Separately, the BSIS team had the chance to study single-use plastics (SUPs) further by visiting Rejeki Zayyan, Waste Community Accelerator cohort two participant who specializes in SUPs collection.

New warehouse renovation in Surabaya

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