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Innovator Spotlight: Robries


Robries founders Syukriyatun Ni'amah and Tita Sabrina Maulinda aimed to show that plastic waste can provide value. Robries exemplifies that through plastic waste recycling, high-quality products can be created and can be used on a daily basis.


Robries increases the value of plastic waste through recycling. They create furniture, home decoration items, and recycled plastic boards that can be customized by buyers. The interior products are authentic and functional, proving that it can be a part of the solution to manage plastic waste. Their operations have also created job opportunities for the community and have successfully contributed towards a circular economy through reducing the extraction of natural resources and waste going into landfills.

To continue business growth, Robries joined the first cohort of the Waste Community Accelerator program.


The Waste Community Accelerator program has helped Robries to better manage the organization. Robries also had the opportunity to improve its plastic supply and production by connecting with fellow program participant, the Surabaya Central Waste Bank. Business operations and infrastructure refinement have resulted in an increase of their waste management capacities, from 4 tons to 25 tons per year.

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