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Innovator Spotlight: Rejeki Zayyan

Updated: Apr 20, 2022


Rejeki Zayyan Founder Sunawi and wife Arie Ulli were concerned about the mismanagement of single-use plastic waste, and how it only piles up in integrated waste treatment areas and landfills. Compared to other types of waste, single-use plastics have low value, thus even preventing informal waste workers from collecting them. Sunawi and Arie’s purpose is to turn the challenging waste material into something valuable for the community around them and also reduce waste going into landfill.


Rejeki Zayyan buys mixed plastic waste directly from aggregators, and then sorts it meticulously at the center. The sorted plastics are sold to recycling and grinding factories. To further realize their social mission, Rejeki Zayyan recruited ‘emak-emak’, older women and widows with economic difficulties from around the area. Sunawi also actively encourages informal waste workers around him to collect and sort low-value plastics, as they are able to easily sort up to 100kg of the material daily due to its abundance.

As part of the second cohort of the Waste Community Accelerator program, Sunawi aims to improve his business knowledge, operations, and have proper waste storage facilities.


After participating in the financial training session from the Waste Community Accelerator program, Rejeki Zayan now conducts more routine and punctual financial reporting. The program also connected Rejeki Zayyan with a graphic designer that resulted in the creation of their first business logo and name card, improving their confidence in doing business. They were also able to renovate their facilities, installing steel pillars to replace bamboo structures. The upgraded facilities brought more comfort and safety for the ‘emak-emak, contributing to the increase of their waste management capacities into 20 - 25 tonnes each month.

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