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Innovator Spotlight: KPL SAE


Anik Andayani and Hengky Ceda Subakdo noticed that in addition to the lack of awareness of waste sorting and inadequate waste collection services, there are many more issues in the sector that need to be addressed. The establishment of waste management business KPL SAE is based on a mission to protect the environment as well as to tackle various stigmas attached to informal waste workers and improve their livelihoods. Moreover, the rapid development of the digital world has inspired KPL SAE to utilize technology in waste management service activities.


KPL SAE provides waste collection services in Sidoarjo with a commitment to improve the livelihoods of their workers by administering minimum wage, health allowances, training, and proper safety & security equipment. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, KPL SAE holds education programs promoting better waste sorting at the household level. They are also engaged with sub-district and district governments to collaboratively establish integrated waste management services for the surrounding community.

KPL SAE became part of cohort 2 of the Waste Community Accelerator program to develop their business knowledge and expand their network.


The Waste Community Accelerator program equipped KPL SAE with better knowledge to prepare more structured financial and tax reports. KPL SAE was introduced to Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge alumni, Empower, a Norwegian startup that is building a digital platform to improve waste traceability and transparency. The partnership allows KPL SAE to utilize blockchain technology for waste tracking, enabling their data to be more accurate and accountable. Operational activities have also become more effective and optimized with the help of a conveyor machine which has improved the quality of waste sorting.

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