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Innovator Spotlight: Duitin


Duitin founders saw that the awareness, knowledge, and community access to waste segregation are lacking. Another issue they found would be how informal waste workers are often marginalized and frequently in vulnerable working conditions. Despite these conditions, informal waste workers have an important role in dealing with the waste problem in Indonesia. As a start up, Duitin was created to help solve the issue of waste in Indonesia by improving the livelihoods and income of informal waste workers and at the same time, increasing recycling rates.


Duitin provides end-to-end waste management services through a digital platform. By accessing their platform, customers who want to recycle can start their journey easily. Individuals, communities, SMEs, or companies who are already sorting their waste, can use the platform to connect with Duitin's waste pickers. The recyclables would then be collected directly by the waste pickers to be sold to the recycling industry.

Duitin is also part of the 2021 Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge cohort.


Beyond gaining business-related knowledge from mentors and fellow cohort participants, Duitin was able to expand their network of stakeholders.Through the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge program, Duitin was able to partner with Griya Luhu, LBPI NU, Sampangan, The Kabadiwala, and Unilever Foundry. Duitin also received cash grants to assist with the implementation of the partnership projects.

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