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Innovator Spotlight: Budi Recycle Partner


In 2017, Pak Budi and Ibu Dian found various problems in the paper and plastic waste management sector. They decided to establish Budi Recycle Partner to prevent pollution and carbon emission caused by the burning of paper and plastic waste.


Budi Recycle Partner contributes to the improvement of waste management by providing paper and document shredding services. To further solutions, they provide waste collection, sorting, and recovery services for partners such as hospitals, government and private institutions, schools, restaurants, and households.

Budi Recycle Partner also joined the second cohort of the Waste Community Accelerator program to boost their business capacities.


The Waste Community Accelerator program resulted in the improvement of Budi Recycle Partner's management skills. This has a direct impact on their business operations, such as better organized work schedules and improved year-end reports. A new laptop has also helped their administrative processes. Additionally, the Waste Community Accelerator program connected Budi Recycle Partner to a network of waste actors that can potentially become their business partners. They also implemented the knowledge received from the visual branding workshop by creating an official website.

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