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Getting to Know Plastic Waste Management Actors in Bali

The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) team is joyful to welcome the return of in-person activities for the Waste Action Network!

The Waste Action Network was established as a forum to facilitate connections and increase collaboration between waste management stakeholders in Indonesia.

The Bali-based members of the network gathered on April 12, 2022, at Pescado Restaurant in Sanur. In addition to being the first gathering for the members on the island, the event also invited other waste stakeholders that are new to the network. The gathering is aimed to strengthen the connection between key players in the Bali waste management sector.

Each attendee had the opportunity to introduce the organization they are representing and provided brief updates on their waste-related programs. Whilst dining, they were also able to network with other participants, opening conversations on any future partnerships.

Loup-Hadrien from Empower commented, “It was a success! I was very happy to connect with other Waste Action Network members in person. I hope to be invited to the next one!”

Hans Abraham from Clean Oceans through Clean Communities said that “Overcoming the problem of waste in Bali requires joint cooperation and hand-in-hand collaboration from all stakeholders, including from the formal and informal sector. OPPA has opened the way for that opportunity through their first network gathering in Bali. Thank you OPPA!”

Participants came from 18 organizations in Bali that are currently active in waste management, recycling, waste banks, education awareness campaigns, and business associations:

  • APSI Bali

  • Bali Waste Cycle

  • Clean Oceans through Clean Communities

  • Common Seas

  • Eco Bali

  • Empower

  • Griya Luhu

  • Laksmi (Saraswati)

  • Merah Putih Hijau

  • Mudfish No Plastic

  • Plastic Bank

  • Plastik Detox

  • Positive Impact Forever

  • Precious Island

  • Reciki

  • Refill My Bottle

  • Searial Cleaners

  • Project STOP (Systemiq and Borealis)

If you are interested in joining the Waste Action Network, please contact us by e-mail to

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