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Creating Better Connections Amongst Waste Community Accelerator Cohort 3 Participants

Waste Community Accelerator Cohort 3

After six months of training and private expert consultations, Waste Community Accelerator cohort 3 participants have arrived at the last workshop session of the program. Along with the improvement of the pandemic situation and the lifting of restrictions, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) team decided to hold the workshop outside of the virtual environment. Program participants were invited to gather at the Bumi Hotel, Surabaya, on May 19 2022, to meet in person for the first time, and to learn more about fundraising.

The event provided plenty of opportunities for relationship building amongst the cohort. In addition to two fun-filled ice breaking sessions spread throughout the day, there was also a dedicated networking session to close the event. Participants were joyful to connect with one another. Ivan, TPS3R Bringinbendo Founder, said that “I am grateful to be able to meet other participants, especially those who also come from Sidoarjo. Amazing stories, I am inspired and learned a lot from them!”

Fun ice-breaking sessions

The OPPA team also invited two Waste Community Accelerator alumni to share their knowledge and experiences. Anjar Putro, Surabaya Central Waste Bank Director, shared that the business canvas model workshop helped him understand customers better and he was able to manage the waste bank more effectively. He expressed his gratitude because the program helped his business grow.

Anik Andayani, KPL SAE Founder, talked about her experiences in building her business - from gathering waste pickers using tricycle carts (‘geledek’) until becoming well connected with waste management actors across the country. She appreciates the network and connections facilitated by the program.

Program alumni Ibu Anik share about her experiences

Last but not least, the program participants continued to learn about fundraising from Irma Sitompul, Programs & Curriculum Director of Pratisara Bumi Foundation (Usaha Lestari). The session contained information about what a successful funding proposal looks like, followed by a guided practice on how to create a well-structured proposal. Participants also shared their own experiences in trying to secure funding from various sources including from the government, banks, CSR programs, and competitions.

iLitterless Founder and Director Ence Adinda said that “The fundraising workshop provides valuable information for us! In addition to being tailored to the needs of our organization, we were taught the step-by-step process, and this is important for those like us who are just starting out.”

A big thank you to the Waste Community Accelerator cohort 3 group, alumni, and Irma for the enthusiasm and participation during the event. Stay tuned for more updates from this cohort!

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