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Continued Support For Waste Community Accelerator Alumni

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Waste Community Accelerator Alumni (Cohort 1 & 2)

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) continues to provide support and facilitate connections to participants of the Waste Community Accelerator program. Taking into account the improved conditions of the pandemic in Indonesia, the OPPA team decided to hold a gathering for the alumni on October 27, 2021, in Surabaya.

Attendees include Bank Sampah Induk Surabaya, Bank Sampah Sektoral Anggrek, WeHasta, Robries, Loh Jinawi, Budi Recycle Partner, Rejeki Zayyan, Development of Awareness, Geledek, and Urban Komposter. All participants were tested before the event, ensuring health and safety protocols for everyone.

As this is the first event where participants from each cohort were able to physically meet each other, a networking session was held to open the gathering. They were enthusiastic in getting to know everyone, and fruitful discussions were developed. Participants from both cohort will be put into the same Whatsapp group, creating optimism as they were then able to continue opportunities for collaboration in the future.

Fun team building session

The event continued with a fun team building session, led by trainer Achmad Basuki. Various games and activities on environmental awareness and team communication & coordination were conducted, which brought many laughs and excitement!

The four-hours gathering was a success, and the OPPA team are delighted to be able to convene 15 East Java-based waste management businesses and organizations. OPPA will continue to support and provide assistance for these organizations, in order to improve the Greater Surabaya waste management ecosystem model.

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