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Capturing the Design of Social Innovation Ecosystem Building Programs

The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) by SecondMuse welcomed me as a temporary new addition to the team in June 2021. My name is Janet, and I am a knowledge management professional who has been volunteering with OPPA as part of the Australian Government’s Australian Volunteers Program.

OPPA is a social innovation ecosystem builder supported by The Incubation Network, regional initiative powered by SecondMuse, The Circulate Initiative, Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and Global Affairs Canada The OPPA team works closely with innovators and local stakeholders for the improvement of waste management in Indonesia.

My brief was to capture the team’s program development processes in the form of guide documents that will allow seamless transfer of knowledge for the replication of activities by new team members and anyone wanting to engage in ocean plastic prevention ecosystem development. The guides are intended to have a long-term impact on the capacity of OPPA by decreasing the effort required to prepare team members to implement programs independently. Additionally, the guides will be shared with members of The Incubation Network to spread the knowledge and insights of the OPPA team to other organizations developing support programs in the waste management and recycling space.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the OPPA team members and I worked together remotely from various corners of the globe using a variety of online collaborative technologies to develop guides for each of the following programs:

Each guide includes a high-level description of the program and its participants, followed by a break-down of the program development phases and the detailed steps involved in implementing each phase.

It was fascinating to learn more about how social innovation programs are developed, and I am in awe of the skillful, passionate young team dedicated to reducing plastic waste in Indonesia.

If your organization is working in a related field and you’d like to learn about how OPPA implements its programs, we are happy to share these guides and supporting resources with you. Please contact us ( if you are interested.

This blog post is written by OPPA Volunteer Janet MacRae.

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