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Announcement: Waste System Community 2Scale Cohort

As part of our continuous support for waste businesses, we recently launched the ‘Waste System Community 2Scale’ program, designed to deliver focused tailored assistance to the alumni of our programs. For five months, the participants will receive technical consultancies based on their needs, participate in field visits to learn from other organizations, and receive cash grants in order to expand their business.

Meet the cohort:

Budi Recycle Partner (Ponorogo)

In order to reduce plastic waste pollution and carbon emissions from the burning of waste, Budi and Dian established Budi Recycle Partner in 2017. They contribute to the improvement of waste management by providing paper and document shredding services. To further solutions, they provide waste collection, sorting, and recovery services for partners such as hospitals, government and private institutions, schools, restaurants, and households. They also provide training for waste entrepreneurs.

Surabaya Central Waste Bank (Surabaya)

The Surabaya Central Waste Bank is the only central waste bank in Surabaya that provides waste management and consulting services for communities, organizations, and institutions. They are also partnering with the recycling industry to trade valuable waste feedstock. Waste education activities are also one of their key activities and to further encourage community involvement, active customers are given special appreciation in the form of rewards and/or food packages.

KPL SAE (Sidoarjo)

KPL SAE provides waste collection services with a commitment to improve the livelihoods of their waste workers by administering minimum wage, health allowances, training, and proper safety & security equipment. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, KPL SAE holds education programs promoting better waste sorting at the household level. They are also engaged with the sub-district and district governments to collaboratively establish integrated waste management services for the surrounding community.

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