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Announcement: Waste Community Accelerator Second Cohort

OPPA’s Waste Community Accelerator focuses on improving capacity development of ventures and organisations who work in waste management, recycling, and upcycling sectors in East Java. Our first cohort, organised between October 2019 and August 2020, was joined by 8 organisations working on waste collection and waste sorting in Greater Surabaya. The program will return this month with a second cohort.

As part of our commitment to expand our program impact and to make our program more inclusive, the second cohort consists of waste and recycling ventures coming from smaller towns across East Java, including Sidoarjo, Gresik, and Ponorogo.

We are thrilled to welcome six of them to join our second accelerator program:

Geledek, Sidoarjo

Geledek offers waste management services and is currently building an online platform to drastically expand its number of customers. They are actively engaging informal waste workers and aim to provide a better livelihood for the workers. 

Budi Recycle Partner, Ponorogo

They are the first paper waste management centre in town and just recently expanded its business to handle plastic waste collection and recycling. 

Urban Komposter, Sidoarjo

Urban Komposter’s business model is selling waste composters to households, and their bigger mission is to encourage waste separation at source - starting from the household level. 

Development of Awareness (DoA), Malang

DoA connects waste collection centres (Waste Bank, community-level waste collectors) to the recycling industry to increase waste collection rates.

TPST Peganden Berhias Iman, Gresik

TPST Peganden Berhias ImanI is a village-owned enterprise in collecting and sorting waste - starting with covering 600 households, they have grown to manage the waste of more than 2,000 households in Gresik.

Rejeki Zayyan, Malang

Rejeki Zayyan is a medium-sized waste management company in Malang, with a focus on collecting single-use plastic bags. Part of their mission is to empower marginalised women in the area by employing and providing support for them.

Currently, the six ventures contribute to a collection of 530 tonnes of waste each month. The program aims to build their business capacity that leads to an increased amount of waste collection in their respective town. Running for eight months, the program will organise a series of tailored workshops and mentor sessions specific to address their needs.

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