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Announcement: Waste Community Accelerator Third Cohort

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator’s Waste Community Accelerator program aims to improve and strengthen the capacities of waste management and recycling businesses in East Java. Following the wrap-up of the second cohort in July 2021, the program returns for its third cohort this month.

Constantly expanding our reach to more cities across East Java, the third cohort includes participants from Jember, Magetan, Malang, Sidoarjo, and Surabaya.

We are excited to welcome eleven waste management businesses to join the accelerator program:

Estu Jaya Waste Bank, Malang Estu Jaya Waste Bank is a sectoral waste bank that collects waste from 10 waste banks located around Karangploso, Malang. They also provide free composting workshops to local residents.

Larahan Makmur Waste Bank, Jember Larahan Makmur Waste Bank collects waste from customers located in 12 pick-up points in Suci Village, Jember Regency. Through partnerships with several grocery stores, customers are able to receive basic food packages as an exchange for the waste they deposit. They also hold tree planting and waste sorting workshops for local residents.

Makmur Sejati Waste Bank, Sidoarjo

Makmur Sejati Waste Bank provides waste collection and sorting services to customers in 10 villages in the Waru Sidoarjo District. They also actively hold waste sorting workshops to customers so that they can get additional income.

Jubung Waste Bank, Jember

Jubung Waste Bank collects waste from 8 surrounding community units, and the waste they receive are then sent to the Central Waste Bank. Since they are relatively new, they are actively promoting their activities to increase the number of their customers.

Berdikari Plastik Sentosa, Malang

Berdikari Plastik Sentosa is a plastic grinding business and has the capacity to process 3-5 tons of plastic waste, especially PP and HPDE, every month. Apart from selling plastic flakes, they also sell pressed PET bottles, and provide grinding and press machines by request.

Common Seas, Surabaya

Common Seas is a non-profit company that aims to reduce single-use plastic footprint through the production of reusable diapers. They empower housewives and disadvantaged people in the community to make the diapers.

Go Forward, Surabaya

Go Forward is a start-up that offers end-to-end waste management services in East Java. Some of the services offered by Go Forward include OOSG (Ojek Garbage Go Forward), GWC (Go Forward Waste Collection), Garbage Stop in collaboration with coffee shops, black soldier fly (BSF) Training and Consultancies and GEC (Go Forward Event Production).

iLitterless, Malang

iLitterLess provides Pick up My Litter services, collecting waste from houses and several cafes in Malang City. They also carry out other activities such as campaigns and annual activities such as Green Customer Day, in collaboration with several cafes, to invite the surrounding community to deposit their waste.

TPS3R Bringin Bendo, Sidoarjo

TPS3R Bringin Bendo is a waste processing site and provides waste collection services to approximately 400 households.

TPST 3R Karangrejo Bersatu, Magetan

TPS3R Karangrejo Bersatu collects waste from 786 households. Every day they collect, sort, and sell the sorted waste to aggregators.

TPST Dadaprejo Mandiri, Batu

TPST Dadaprejo Mandiri collects waste from around 1600 households in Dadaprejo, Batu. In addition to managing plastic waste, they also manage organic waste and provide education activities on eco enzymes production.

These eleven businesses and startups collect a total of around 21,8 tons of waste each month. The accelerator program aims to improve their business processes which will result in the increase of their waste collection capacities. The program will run for eight months, and will consist of tailored workshops and mentoring sessions based on their needs.

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