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In February 2021, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator conducted a survey among members of the Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership, representing Indonesia’s main waste management stakeholders. The survey was used to define objectives for the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge.

The survey focused on identifying key leverage points for integrating informal waste management workers in formal systems and for improving their livelihoods. This was accomplished using a crowd-sourced mapping methodology co-developed by SecondMuse, Kumu, and Vibrant Data Labs which is inspired by keystone species in natural ecosystems.

The 7 top keystone factors and the factors influencing them most directly were discussed among a smaller group of Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership members. This resulted in 3 groups of factors. These groups became the 3 focus areas of the Informal Plastic Collection Innovation Challenge.

78 applicants from across the globe responded to these 3 focus areas with their solutions, out of which 12 applicants were selected as challenge participants.

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