Event & Competition

OPPA hosts regular activities and events to raise awareness about waste and circular economy issues and highlight the role of waste management stakeholders.

Current and previous events and campaigns include:

  • Oh! Plastic Festival

  • Circular Innovation Jam

  • Waste Flow Map Illustration Competition

  • Photo Competition

Going On Now!

Circular Innovation Jam (CIJ) is a competition to develop innovative ideas and solutions to reduce plastic waste in cities in South and Southeast Asia that will be implemented virtually using an online platform. These ideas will be used to advance the local circular economy related to more effective plastic waste management systems in specified cities.

Be part of this event and prepare yourself to develop your best solution! Learn more and click the link below! Registration will be closed on July 5th, 2020 and participants are limited to a maximum of 100 for each country. So what are you waiting for, register yourself immediately!

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