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Ocean Plastic



"Building a social innovation ecosystem to reduce ocean plastic pollution"

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) is building a social innovation ecosystem to address ocean plastic leakage within Indonesia. Surabaya is the first OPPA pilot project location. Through various program activities, OPPA is creating a collaborative network for innovative solutions to address challenges in the local waste management system and recycling sector.

The Accelerator


The Surabaya Waste Community Accelerator focuses on developing the capacity of Surabaya-based innovators that have significant potential to improve waste management practices.

Surabaya Access Pad

A fully funded three-month landing pad program explicitly designed for ventures that are creating innovative ocean plastic pollution prevention products or services.The program will provide support in three critical areas of business expansion: network, local industry knowledge, and access to funding.

Waste Action Network

The Surabaya Waste Action Network is an open  forum to get to know about and discuss waste management issues. The network comes together at a regular Lunch gathering, Webinar, or just connects through a WhatsApp Group and participates in best practice sharing and training sessions.

Digital Waste Innovation & Research

Activities of the Digital Waste Innovation Accelerator include an annual Hackathon, mentorship, workshops, and other tailored capacity development support for selected digital innovators.

Event & Competition

OPPA hosts regular activities and events to raise awareness about waste and circular economy issues and highlight the role of waste management stakeholders. Current and previous events and campaigns include: Oh! Plastic Festival; Circular Innovation Jam; Waste Flow Map Illustration Competition; Photo Competition


The Incubation Network

The Incubation Network is creating a connected network of innovators, investors, civil society organisations, and government leaders across those key South and Southeast Asian countries. Collectively, we will design and deliver programs that drive investment, innovation, and partnerships for inclusive and gender-responsive waste management & circular economy solution.

Waste Community Accelerator 2: Call for Application!

The Waste Community Accelerator is an accelerator program that focuses on building the capacity of businesses and small and medium-sized organizations related to handling plastic waste and recycling / upcycling innovations based in Surabaya and surrounding cities (Sidoarjo, Gresik, Pasuruan, Mojokerto, Lamongan, Malang). For approximately 8 months, the participants will attend various workshops and intensive assistance from experts to improve the management and capacity of business actors / organizations.


Learn more about this program here:


Then fill in your application form before 16 October 2020 here:

Webinar OPPA x Pulau Plastik x Siklus Refill

A collaboration webinar between OPPA, Pulau Plastik, and the Siklus Refill: What's Your Solution?


The fast-paced lifestyle with increasingly rapid consumerism has brought a new chapter in human civilization. Inevitably, waste is one of the problems that is becoming increasingly complex. To solve the complex waste problem, there is no quick or universal solution. Each location has its own unique conditions, culture, customs, economy and politics. This affects the problem solving efforts in waste management. There needs to be a solution that is based on the local context of each region.


In this webinar, Robi from Pulau Plastik, William T. from the Siklus Refill, and OPPA will share stories about the waste realities that exist in Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya. The webinar participants will also be assisted to identify simple solutions in managing their own waste.


Date: September 28, 2020 at 3-5 pm (Jakarta Time)


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Circular Innovation Jam 2020!

Circular Innovation Jam (CIJ) is a competition to develop innovative ideas and solutions to reduce plastic waste in cities in South and Southeast Asia that will be implemented virtually using an online platform. These ideas will be used to advance the local circular economy related to more effective plastic waste management systems in specified cities.

Be part of this event and prepare yourself to develop your best solution! Learn more and click the link below! Registration will be closed on July 5th, 2020 and participants are limited to a maximum of 100 for each country. So what are you waiting for, register yourself immediately!

Oh,Plastic! Festival 2019

Oh, Plastic! Festival is series of events by Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator to increase awareness and collaboration action to address plastic pollution issue in Surabaya and Indonesia. The festival has been held on October 26-27, 2019 in Surabaya, collaborated with various relevant stakeholders. This event will be our annual event to raise awareness on plastic issues and waste management.

This event enlivened by some musicians Endah n Rhesa, Robi Navicula, Sisir Tanah, Blingsatan and involved Pulau Plastik, Coca Cola Indonesia, Nol Sampah Surabaya, and DLH East Java for the Plastic Talk. There were also some eco friendly booths: Robries, Alang-alang Zerowaste, Plastic Fischer, Kompis, Surabaya Central Waste Bank, Hepi Circle, Langgeng Jaya, and Peduli Sungai Surabaya.

Highlighted Story

Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) is one of the cities worst affected by COVID-19, leading to severe challenges for the local economy. Informal sector waste workers have been affected particularly strongly.

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