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Ocean Plastic



"Building a social innovation ecosystem to reduce ocean plastic pollution"

The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) is building a social innovation ecosystem to address ocean plastic leakage within Indonesia. Greater Surabaya is the first focus waste management system where OPPA has been implementing business acceleration, networking and research activities for and with local and international innovators.Through these activities, OPPA is creating a tightly-knit community of stakeholders that enables innovative solutions to address challenges in the local waste management system and recycling sector.

Waste Action Network

The Waste Action Network is a network consist of more than 70 members. This network was initiated to discuss waste management issues among the stakeholders and facilitate the connection. The program of WAN: regular Lunch gathering, Webinar, monthly bulletin, and sharing through a WhatsApp Group.


Digital Waste Innovation & Research

Through Digital Waste Innovation, OPPA aims to improve waste data management and transparency in Greater Surabaya. OPPA also continuously conducts research to improve its programming. 


The Accelerator

The Waste Community Accelerator focuses on developing the capacity of East Java-based innovators that have significant potential to improve waste management practices.

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Surabaya Access Pad

A fully funded three-month landing pad program explicitly designed for ventures that are creating innovative ocean plastic pollution prevention products or services.The program will provide support in three critical areas of business expansion: network, local industry knowledge, and access to funding.



OPPA hosts regular activities and events to raise awareness about waste and circular economy issues and highlight the role of waste management stakeholders. Current and previous events and campaigns include: Oh! Plastic Festival and waste management related webinars.

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OPPA believes that new ideas and innovations need room and support to improve their solutions in tackle plastic waste problem. We have been hosting some competition such as Circular Innovation Jam; Waste Data Hackathon; Waste Flow Map Illustration Competition; and Photo Competition.

The Incubation Network

The Incubation Network is creating a connected network of innovators, investors, civil society organisations, and government leaders across those key South and Southeast Asian countries. Collectively, we will design and deliver programs that drive investment, innovation, and partnerships for inclusive and gender-responsive waste management & circular economy solution.

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Highlighted Story

Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) is one of the cities worst affected by COVID-19, leading to severe challenges for the local economy. Informal sector waste workers have been affected particularly strongly.

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